Danang - Emphasis on fostering start-up ecosystem
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On July 21th, SURF 2017 themed "Technology and Start-up ecosystem" attracted 2000 attendees, including government leaders, domestic and international counterparts, fund representatives, entrepreneurs, start-ups, start-up supporting organisations, university representatives and students of Danang city and other places such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hue, Quang Nam, Binh Dinh, Can Tho, Dong Thap…

The Secretary of Danang City Party Committee Nguyen Xuan Anh pointed out 5 major orientations that Danang city has to focus on to foster the start-up ecosystem. That is, building start-up and innovation culture, awareness and knowledge within young people; renewing and issuing new policies, initiatives about start-ups; solidating activities of Danang Start-up Council (DSC) and Danang Entrepreneuship Support (DNES); establishing funds and infrastructures for start-ups; promoting training network; developing centers, corporates and intermediation organisations performing consultation,  connecting technology supple with demand and services for start-ups; enlarging start-up cooperation and network, attracting domestic and international resources for start-up ecosystem development; establishing 3-way cooperation: government – university – corporate.

The Secretary of Danang City Party Committee Nguyen Xuan Anh affirmed develeping start-up community is one of the main city interests.

Also Mr. Vo Duy Khuong, President of DSC said that "Innovation is the right path to develop Danang city. Danang People's Committee has issued Scheme "Fostering start-up ecosystem to the year 2020, setting vision to 2030", orienting to turn Danang city into a start-up destination and innovation center of ASEAN. It is indeed a challenging path which requires effort of all ecosystem components and even of counterparts, experts and start-up supporting organisations. The event is in fact a gathering of all start-up ecosystem components in order to look back on our achievements to fine-tune our development orientations and solutions in the next stage"

The event had 70 booths in exhibition, making the event one of the biggest one in central Vietnam.

The 2-day event housed 25 talks, discussions, seminars, round-tables discussing many "hot" topics on start-up trends and the continuous movement of investments and funds around the word every single hour. What is more, industry revolution 4.0 including AI, IoT and big data are happening rapidly, affecting many economies in the world and Asia including Vietnam. Danang, a municipality of central Vietnam, gifted with advantageous location, geography and landscape; young highly-trained human resources definitely does not fall out of this start-up trend.

Especially, at the opening ceremony, Start-up billionaire Jeff Hoffman, in top coolest entrepreneurs of the world, gave a speech about Danang- Innovation Hub by the sea. He decided to give some of his precious time to inspire passionate young people in Danang. He said that I want to accompany and guide the young in planning their future because success in my definition is to live as the way we desire"

Mr. Jeff Hoffman was giving a speech about "Start-up Power"

The event also hosted the finale of pitching competition with the participation of 10 start-ups including Zody, Invietnam, Ikids, Homecares, Mojitok, Dichoichung, Innaway, Btaskee, Nôi TOB and Sumi. These start-ups had won over 33 other competitors in the qualification round in June to enter the finale and fight for the prize of 200 million dong and more importantly the opportunity to expose to potential angel investments and funds.

Discussion session: Danang- Innovation Hub by the sea

Judging panel representative Dr. Vu Xuan Truong, Vice President Flying Fish investment company which are founded by Danang angel investors shared that: We are extremely surprised that there is one start-up flying all the way from Korea to compete with start-ups from Hanoi, Hue, Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang and Danang city in this competition. The quality of contestants this year are steady and varied from artificial intelligence to shared economy to embedded system to training program transfer model. Especially, there is one side prize for best female entrepreneur which attracts a lot of competitors.

Overall, SURF Danang 2017 is organized by DNES under the management of DSC and support from Danang People's Committee. The event does not only serve as a forum for unique ideas, consultant sessions from start-up experts, but a platform connecting start-up resources, motivating and inspiring young people about innovation and entrepreneurship with the hope that Danang will become a start-up and innovation center of Vietnam and even of South-East Asia region.

(Translated by Ha Xuyen)

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