Overview and History of DOST
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On August 30th 1976, Chancellor of Quang Nam Da Nang Province People's Committee signed Decision 3786/QD-UB forming Science and Engineering Board  in order to manage scientific and engineering activities within the province. At that time, Science and Engineering Board had a number of units including Administrative unit, Planning unit, Starndard Meteology and Quality Management unit, Science and Technology Library unit. After that, two more units were formed including Empirical research unit and Chemical biosciences research unit.

In 1978, Quang Nam Da Nang Province People's Committee issued a decision forming Science and Engineering Committee of Quang Nam Da Nang Province in order to promote scientific and technological activities. At that time, Science and Engineering committee continued to solidify the organisation, machinery, human resources in order to fulfil the allocated missions and functions. From 1978 to 1992, some member units such as Sub-department of Standards, Metrology and Quality, Science and Technology Information Center, Science and Technology Service Corporation were formed with the aim of carrying out important functions, adapting to Vietnam's evolution into market economy.

In 1993, according to Decree no. 15/NĐ-CP dated March 2nd 1993 issued by The Government, Quang Nam Da Nang Province People's Committee decided to form Department of Science, Technology and Environment. Apart from science and technology management, we were also responsible for environment protection management. Human machinery grew into Department Office, Planning and Administrative division; Environment Management division; Technology and Intellectual Property Management division; Inspectorate division; Standards, Metrology and Quality Sub-department; Science, Technology and Environment Information Center; Science and Development Magazine; Environmental Protection Centre; Information Technology Centre.

In 1997, Quang Nam Danang Province was divided into Quang Nam Province and Danang city. Danang became municipality leading to vast change in the city political system. As a result, Danang Department of Science, Technology and Environment was established on the ground organisation and activities of the former department of Quang Nam Danang Province according to Decision no. 04/QD-UBND dated January 3rd 1997 by Danang People's Committee. At this point, the department was additionally given the responsibility of information technology (IT) management and two more centers were established including IT Centre and Software Development Centre

In July 15th 2003, Danang People's Committee issued Decision no. 113/2003/QD-UB  splitting Danang Department of Science, Technology and Environment Department into Danang Department of Science and  Technology and Danang Department of Natural Resources and Environment. This led to some changes in the department organisation. IT Center was abolished due to overlapped function with Software Development Centre. Center for application of science and technology advances was formed on the foundation of Environment Protection Centre of which Environment Metrology division was reassigned to Danang Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Science and Development Magazine was integrated with Science, Technology and Environment Information Centre to establish Science and Technology Information Centre. There were three more divisions formed in this year including Science Management division; Technology Management division; Planning and Administrative division.

Moreover, in this stage, science and technology management at district levels was also focused on. On May 10th 2004, Danang People's Committee issued Decision number 77/2004/QD-UB defining functions, tasks, organisation and personnel of district-level unit performing science and technology management tasks. Following the decision, these district-level units were established and gradually grew.

In 2005, according to Decision no. 67/2005/QD-UBND dated May 30th 2005 issued by Danang People's Committee, IT management tasks and Software Development Centre originally assigned Department of Science and Technology was then moved to Department of Posts and Telecommunications. In 2006, a couple of divisions was formed including Intellectual Property Management and Science-Technology Cooperation division and Department Office. The Office was originally named Planning and Administrative Division.

In order to separate state management tasks with services and better performing Standards, Metrology, Quality management tasks, the department made a decision to establish Quality Assurance and Testing Centre under the management of Standards, Metrology and Quality Sub-department.

In the year 2015, based on Directive no. 29/2014/TTLT-BKHCN-BNV dated October 15th 2014 issued by Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of General Affairs providing guidelines about organisation and personnel machinery of Science and Technology-related institutions, Danang Department of Science and Technology has completed its structure and organisation. There were 7 consultant divisions within the department including Department Office, Science Management Division, Technology Management Division; Planning and Finance Division; Grassroots-level Science and Technology Management Division; Specialty Management and 4 member centers including Sub-department of Standards, Metrology and Quality; Energy Conservation and Technology Consultant Center; Center for Science and Technology Information and Biotechnology Centre. These divisions are responsible for state management of science and technology including: scientific and technological activities; science and technology development; standards, metrology and quality management; intellectual property, radiation, radioisotopes, and nuclear safety, atomic energy management; facilitating public services within functions and tasks legally assigned to the department.


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