The role of science and technology in start-up and innovation activities in Danang
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The act of promoting research and technology transfer and exploiting intellectual property will in turn promote start up and innovation, especially enterprise incubation including incubation of science and technology enterprises. This will contribute to economic-socio development of Danang city.

Recently, Start-up is a global trend; hence enterprise incubation, especially science and technology enterprise incubation is becoming more and more popular. By connecting science and technology network, incubator model in China, Korea, Singapore has proved the importance of fostering innovation, creativity, technology transfer and commercialising new technology.

 Currently, Vietnam has started to put effort into supporting start-up and innovation. Prime Minister has approved Scheme "Fostering national start-up ecosystem to the year 2025" by issuing Decision no. 844/QD-TTg on May 18th 2016. Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for the management of start-up and innovation activities.

 In this age of start-up and innovation, science and technology is an integral component which can not be overlooked. Start-up and innovation has to create or explore new knowledge, new technology or new business models. Danang Department of Science and Technology has been proactive in establishing and consulting Danang People's Committee to issue policies, initiatives, schemes, plans about supporting technology transfer, innovation such as Decision no. 36/QD-UBND on November 11th 2016; Science and Technology Development Fund; Plan to carry out Scheme "Fostering national start-up ecosystem to the year 2025"  in 2017-2018 period by issuing Decision no. 88/QD-UBND on January 5th 2017; Project "Increasing productivity and quality of goods produced by SMEs to the year 2020" at Decision no. 2799/QD-UBND on May 26th 2014.

More importantly, the department has carried out many activities such as boosting the propaganda of science and technology-related policies; organising the conference "Boosting start-up innovation in universities"; promoting research, initiatives, technical improvements by organising research and technology contests, competitions and creating favourable conditions for research individuals and organisations to develop.

Around the world, government plays a crucial role in creating a suitable ecosystem for transforming these research, technology achievements into "Start-up seeds" which will germinate and bloom into successful start-ups. Danang city realized this important role and has been trying to fulfill this role. Every year, there are hundreds of research, patents published. This is indeed a rich source of "Start-up seeds" for the ecosystem. Danang city government has committed to facilitate and support these seeds with all its effort in order to increase the number of enterprises, especially science and technology enterprises.

(Translated by Ha Xuyen)


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